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We've been producing merchandise for brands and businesses since 1996 so we have a great network of reliable and high quality manufacturers that we can trust to do a great job on your print and custom pens, mugs, mouse mats etc.

If you need something a bit more "creative" then just give us a call and we'll probably have a fair idea of what the possibilities are. We look forward to helping you and are always happy to give you the benefit of our experience and advice.

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Presentation Display Packs


A well designed presentation pack can show off a number of promotional items to greater effect. It's also a convenient way for sales teams to present a number of standard items such as printed mouse mats, pens post it notes, mugs and calculators in a professional manner. Display packs can be fully branded as required and produced to meet specific budgets.

Branded Promotional Gifts


From your brief we can produce a great list of relevant items from which you can select your final range. Whether you need smart branded mugs, pens, block pads, calculators and coasters or even printed balloons, torches and whoopy cushions! We can supply your business with a fantastic range of bespoke and printed merchandise for both trade and consumer promotions.

Trade Merchandise


Developing a range of themed branded merchandise is where our experience can really be of value. Working with many big brands over the years we have produced everything from aluminium water bottles to swiss army knives and roll-up calculators. Themed promotional items are usfeul as prizes or for improving trade awareness of major promotional activities.

Branded Promotions


A well chosen range of promotional merchandise can underline a brands usp and important features or benefits. Innovation combined with experience and practicality will ensure your promotional item have the desired impact with trade buyers or consumers. Cars, torches, lenticular rulers, magnetic puzzles and floating pens but more importantly the right items for your brand activity.

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Sourcing Checklist

Sourcing promotional merchandise can seem like a daunting task but by following these simple steps you can make the process much easier:

  • Prepare a comprehensive brief: this should include quantity, colour, size, deliveries and delivery dates, and packaging requirements. Our quote form is a good example.
  • Communicate your business objectives and the background of the promotional campaign: it is important your supplier understands the aims of your promotional campaign. Their experience places them in the best position to advise you on suitable products. A description of the target audience and an outline of the role of the promotional merchandise within the campaign would be helpful.
  • Confirm budgets: whilst budget isn’t always the key factor it should be discussed to ensure your supplier can refer to it when recommending suitable products. There is no point in getting prices for plastic key rings if you’re looking for silver ones.
  • Confirm timings: It is essential to let your supplier know the timings for your campaign early on. Some products may require a long lead time, such as stress cubes sourced from the Far East, so you need to double check with your supplier that the products can be delivered on time. Try to confirm your buying decision as early as possible.
  • Ask for product samples: product samples are the perfect way to check the colour and quality of the final product. T-shirts for example, come in many shapes and sizes, and a range of fabrics. The best way to ensure you are getting a quality shirt is to order a sample. But you will need to allow enough time to ensure the product is approved by all relevant parties before the final order is placed.
  • Confirmation in writing: to avoid any misunderstanding always follow up any communications with written confirmation. An email will suffice and can be referred to in the event of any issues. You don’t want to end up with 60 mugs when you need 6,000!

Branded and Printed Mugs

Printed Branded Pens

printed promotional pens

Bespoke and CD Calendars

calendars cd and bespoke printed

Notepads and Desk Notes

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